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We work with property owners to develop projects for sophisticated investors or purchasers who have limited development experience.
We offer opportunities to work with your syndicate or join a new group of like-minded investors.
We rigorously test feasibility of projects and manage every step to completion including town planning, funding and sales.









Purchaser of
Development Property
Alpha One Program
Intending to purchase a property advertised as 'Development Potential' without feasibility intelligence? Are development & construction risks acceptable, asking price too high or low, leaving a financial winner & loser? KeyPoint Ventures can act for you as a Professional Buyer’s Advocate using the unique Alpha One Program - Acquisition to completion; mitigating risk and stress to maximise profit outcomes.Click here for more information

Building Contractors
Gamma One Program
Residential or Commercial
Does your business rely upon long development approval lead times? At KeyPoint Ventures we use a strict 12 step process with property owners to select and prepare successful projects to shovel ready stages. We control all development functions from feasibility, development, sales and marketing, funding and contract settlements.
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Off-Shore Purchasers
Nu One Program
Australia is an attractive place to invest in property - you own the title! At KeyPoint Ventures we provide new developments for Off-Shore Investors, we manage acquisition feasibility to completion
or introduce you to 20%+ discounted off plan purchases. We work with developers, risk-test projects, control and guarantee all development functions from start to finish!
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Business Owners 
Delta One Program
Don’t pay rent in cluster business developments.
At KeyPoint Ventures we can engage with complementary innovative businesses to jointly own sites by KeyPoint developing cluster sites such as offices, clinics, health care, retail etc. Improve work place satisfaction and improved customer convenience. We have all the agreement templates.
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Joint Venture Syndicates
Eta One Program 
Equity or Debt Funding
At KeyPoint Ventures you choose from pre-tested projects, all secured, with debt or equity opportunities. Our business is risk mitigation; each project follows our Forensic 12 Step Business Process. We control all development functions from feasibility, client compliance, construction, sales and marketing to settlement of contracts.
SMSF compliant.
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Investors & Lenders
Omega One Program
At KeyPoint Ventures we have a diverse array
of experienced development and construction professionals who work within forensic international standards to manage risk using our unique business programs. When project borrowers default KeyPoint can complete the project as designed to prevent Liquidators/Administrators destroying the value of the property shoring up  lending risk and retained stakeholders equity.
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Property Developers
Iota One Program
KeyPoint Ventures assist Property Vendors to identify 'Development Potential' value before going to market by using our forensic 12 Step Program, gaining property intelligence, advancing the development approval process and reducing significant development risk. We work closely with Vendors who are seeking developers for shovel ready projects. JVs are available and we provide services for acquisition, development, funding, marketing and pre-sales.
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Vendors of
Development Property
Beta One Program
KeyPoint Ventures has specialist programs for Property Owners (Vendors) to assess the best value of 'Development Potential' by gaining individual property intelligence to avoid lingering sales and discounting. This maximises your asking price with accurate information and reasonable settlement periods. Alternatively, we will work with you through every step to develop your own property with one of our purchasers! 
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